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I'm looking for a membership just for me

I have a family that would like to access the leisure facilities too

  • Family lifestyle
    Access to all Maroondah Leisure facilities for two adults and unlimited children  

My teenager is looking for a membership

  • Teen Lifestyle
    Access to Teen Gym sessions at Aquahub and Aquanation.
    Access to the gym outside of Teen Gym hours and to teen group fitness classes when actively supervised by an adult.
    Access to the pools at Aquanation, Aquahub and Croydon Memorial Pool.
    Match and entry fees at The Rings covered by the membership.

I'd like a membership that includes a friend or two as well

  • Mates lifestyle
    Access to all Maroondah Leisure facilities
    Pay from one bank account 

I'm only interested in one type of activity, such as golf or aquatics

I'm only interested in one particular venue

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