Aquahub aquatic works

Key dates

  • Works begin: Monday 4 December 2023
  • Reopening: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Aquahub aquatics will be closed for four weeks to perform essential maintenance and much needed repair works to the pools and plant room. During this period, members and guests will still be able to access Aquanation and Croydon Memorial Pool.

Works and repairs include:

  • Hot water pipe replacement and change room drainage
  • Plant room maintenance to ensure the highest water quality
  • Repairs to tiles and surrounds of the 25 metre pool

In order to maintain high quality facilities, maintenance needs to be undertaken on an annual basis to ensure that our pools plant room and equipment meet the required regulations and provide members and visitors with the best experience possible.

Frequently asked questions

General and memberships

How long will Aquahub aquatics be closed for?

The entire aquatics area of Aquahub will be closed for 4 weeks, with the gym and group fitness studios remaining open throughout this time. 

What works are taking place?

The shutdown period allows for a number of complex works to be undertaken. The works include extensive maintenance of change room drainage, painting high use areas, monotech patching, high clean of ducting, concreting in the plant room, sand replacement, hot water pipe and emergency lighting replacement, ramp spot tiling in the 25m pool, general safety and maintenance repairs, and upgrades unable to be undertaken when the pool is operational.

Where can I swim during the closure?

Aquanation and Croydon Memorial Pool will be open for swimming during the closure dates. 

Aquanation opening hours

Croydon Memorial Pool opening hours

What happens to my membership during the closure?

You can access Aquanation and Croydon Memorial Pool as part of your Maroondah Leisure membership during the closure period.

If you do not want to access these other venues, you can freeze your membership for free during this time. 

Freeze my membership

*Membership freeze during this time will not come out of the Lifestyle members 8 week allocation.

I am a visit pass holder. What are my options?

Customers with a valid Aquahub aquatic visit pass can redeem their visits at either Aquanation or Croydon Memorial Pool or transfer their visits to the gym/group fitness classes (excluding aqua classes). All aquatic visit pass holders will have their expiry date extended by 4 weeks to reflect the closure period.

Will the Aquahub Café be open during the aquatics closure?

Yes, during the closure period, the café will be operating on reduced hours from 9am to 1pm.


Will aqua classes be running during the closure?

No, aqua classes will not be running during the aquatics closure. 

You can book into aqua classes available at Aquanation and Croydon Memorial Pool.

Aqua Aerobics classes at Aquahub will resume from Tuesday 2 January 2024.

Aquanation aqua classes

Croydon Memorial Pool aqua classes

Learn to swim

What date do learn to swim classes resume?

Learn to Swim will resume at Aquahub on Monday 15 January 2024

Will private swimming lessons still be running?

No, all aquatics at Aquahub will be closed from Monday 4 December 2023. 

All learn to swim classes will resume from Monday 15 January 2024. 

Will the Holiday Intensive Swimming Program be running?

The Holiday Intensive Swimming Program (HISP) will run at Aquanation and Aquahub from Monday 8 January to Friday 12 January 2024. 

Bookings will open from Wednesday 13 December. Members will receive notification accordingly.  

What will happen with my learn to swim membership?

All learn to swim members still have access to the pools at Aquanation and Croydon Memorial Pool. 

If you do not want access to the pools at other facilities during this time, please ensure you suspend your membership to avoid being charged. 

Freeze my membership

*Any suspensions used over the summer break and aquatic repair works period will not be deducted from your eight weeks of holiday suspension


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