Aquanation and Aquahub - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What services are available?
Open from Friday 25 June: main pool, leisure pool, warm water pool, gym, personal training, bootcamp, café 

Reopening Monday 28 June: Learn to swim, Gymnastics, child care (Aquanation only), gym appointments, Teen gym, Active Adults, group fitness and aqua classes (bookings required through Maroondah Leisure app)

Closed until further notice: Sauna, steam room, waterslides, dive boards

What happens with my membership?
All memberships (excluding Golf) will be reactivated from Friday 25 June. If you wish for your membership to remain on hold, please email or call Aquahub on 9294 5500 or Aquanation 9298 4600.

I'm not a member, can I book a group fitness class?
Yes, a group fitness class must be booked in advance either by downloading the Maroondah Leisure app and setting up an account, or you can call Aquahub on 9294 5500 or Aquanation 9298 4600.

Can I get started as a new member?
Yes, you can, simply complete the contact form on our website and one of our team members will be in contact with you. Alternatively, please email

I’m a cancelled member, do I need to pay a joining fee to re-join?
Returning member joining fees will not be applied whilst COVID-19 related venue restrictions are in place.

Who can attend?
Anyone can attend our facilities. Bookings are required for group fitness classes only.

How do I book my group fitness class via the Maroondah Leisure app?

  • Download the Maroondah Leisure app to book your session
  • Click to download for Apple iOS or Google Play OR
  • Go into your app store and search ‘Maroondah Leisure’
  • Download ‘Maroondah Leisure’ app
  • Create a Mywellness account and enter personal details*
  • Once you have created your account, please log back into your Mywellness account and add your phone number for contact tracing
    *As this is a health and fitness app, there is a requirement to enter your weight, date of birth and gender. This data is only used for determining your calories burned and MOVES when tracking your activity or working out. If you are just using the Maroondah Leisure app for session bookings, you still have to enter your weight (but it doesn’t have to be your actual weight) and Maroondah Leisure staff do not see your weight.
    *Maroondah Leisure app account may take up to 24-hours to be activated
  • Once your account is activated, select or search for your facility - Aquahub or Aquanation
  • Click on ‘Bookings’ tile within app
  • Click on all upcoming sessions/classes, including session dates, times and locations and the link for Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) and Terms and Conditions.
  • Select desired session/class you wish to participate in. As the app user you can see how many spots are remaining or if the session has been booked out
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session time to allow for check-in
  • Please scan QR code and check in on arrival.

How do I book my session if I cannot access the Maroondah Leisure app?

  • Please call Aquanation on 9298 4600 or Aquahub on 9294 5500 during operating hours to book a session or class.
  • Our customer service will ask a series of questions to obtain your personal details for the booking.
  • After the phone call, you will receive an email within ten (10) minutes to confirm your booking details. (please always check your Junk mail).
  • Please arrive ten (10) minutes prior to your session commencing to allow for check-in and processing payments if casual.
  • Please scan QR code and check in on arrival.

Can I book more than one person through the Maroondah Leisure app?
No, each person can only set up one Maroondah Leisure app account and book sessions in for themselves on the one device. However, if you have different devices, you can create a different Maroondah Leisure app account on each device, with a different name and different email address.

How do I book a group fitness class if I require a carer, need to book a group or I am under 16 years of age?
For family groups, patrons under 16-years of age and carers, please call Aquahub on 9294 5500 or Aquanation 9298 4600 during operating hours and book a session.

How do I change my booking?
Session times can be cancelled and rebooked through the Maroondah Leisure app. All you need to do is:

  1. Access the Maroondah Leisure app
  2. Choose the facility
  3. Click on Bookings image
  4. Find the session/class you booked
  5. Click ‘Delete booking’ on the session you wish to cancel

If you don’t have access to the Maroondah Leisure app you can call Aquahub on 9294 5500 or Aquanation 9298 4600 to cancel your session time. We request that all bookings are cancelled at least 30 minutes before the session to allow other members and users to book in a space.

How do I activate push notifications?
Firstly, you need to go into your Maroondah Leisure app:

  1. Then click on the three dots “…” at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. This will take you to your ‘Profile’ page.
  3. Then click on the ‘Settings’ tab.
  4. Then click on the ‘Notifications’ tab.
  5. Then swipe right the Push Notification button and Email Messages button for ‘Classes’ and ‘Challenges’.

How do I change or re-set my password in the Maroondah Leisure app?
Firstly, you need to go into your Maroondah Leisure app:

  1. Then click on the Profile icon at the bottom right of the app screen
  2. This will take you to your ‘Profile’ page
  3. Within you profile click on the ‘Edit profile’ wording
  4. This will take you to the USER INFO screen, where you will scroll down to ‘Change username’
  5. Click on the “>” icon next to the right of ‘Change username’
  6. This will take you to the SETTINGS and Account settings section within the webpage
  7. Swipe right to the Change Password section and enter ‘New password’, then ‘Confirm password’
  8. Click on ‘Save’ and this will send you an email confirmation confirming your New password has been updated

Can I have a refund?
Refunds will only be issued due to venue evacuation.

Are there changeroom, shower and toilet facilities available?
In line with Victorian Government regulations our changeroom, toilet and shower facilities will be available.

Can I enter a group fitness class late?
Late arrivals are not permitted to group fitness classes.

Can I leave a group fitness class/session early?
Yes, please notify your instructor and exit through the normal venue entry/exit point.

What happens if I forget my towel or water bottle?
You can purchase these items from customer service or the gym. Contactless payment preferred.

What happens to lost property?
Lost property will be kept for one week only and can be collected from the venue. To enquire about lost property please call Aquahub on 9294 5500 or Aquanation 9298 4600.