Fitness app a gamechanger for members

By monitoring their routines and tracking results, users are increasing their accountability in relation to fitness goals.

Maroondah Leisure members have been really upping their exercise game over the past six months.

In fact, users of the new Maroondah Leisure health and fitness app have run a combined 667,129km during that time, or more than 16 times around our Earth. Together, they’ve also burned through nearly 10,000kg of body fat while working out for the equivalent of almost 30 years!

Launched late last year, the Maroondah Leisure app has the capacity to accurately track workouts, set individually tailored programs and monitor results, proving a huge hit with members at Aquanation and Aquahub. As a result, many users have taken their fitness to a whole new level.

The app comes with a full suite of convenient functions to explore, such as the ability for members to benchmark themselves through the exercise leaderboard. There are also more practical applications such as the ability to schedule group fitness classes, view timetables and coaching videos, or receive tips and notifications.

Aquanation Health Club Coordinator, Scott Ryding, said users found the Maroondah Leisure app had improved their lifestyle habits without needing to log information manually.

“By monitoring their routines and tracking results, users are increasing their accountability in relation to fitness goals,” Scott said.

“This gives users an extra boost of motivation, while providing them with the tools they need to stay on track. They can also gradually increase their goals over time, for example the number of repetitions. The technology in this app is unbelievable and is helping users to reach new fitness levels.”

Scott said the app easily syncs with popular fitness trackers as well as automatically monitoring progress. In addition, through the member band or fob, the app can give users access to multimedia platforms while they are using cardio equipment in the facilities.

“All these tools help our members reach and maintain their fitness goals. This provides an exceptional benefit for members and we encourage everyone to explore the app for themselves,” Scott said.

Maroondah Leisure app figures from 1 February to 30 June 2021

- Registered users - 16,968
- Days exercised - 177,707
- Kilometres run - 667,129 (16.65 times around Earth)
- Weight lifted - 35,836,077kg
- Activity duration - 15,719,020 hours (or 29.9 years)
- Calories burned - 68,080,105 (9,455kg of body weight)

If you are a Maroondah Leisure member and haven’t downloaded the app, here’s how to do it:

- Go to your app store and search ‘Maroondah Leisure’
- Download the Maroondah Leisure app
- Create a Mywellness account

*Note: The app account may take up to 24 hours to be activated.

Download the Maroondah Leisure App