Swim it Up Challenge

people swimming in red swim caps in the ocean

Have you got what it takes to swim the seven oceans in just eight weeks? 
This winter, we challenge you to tackle a swim that only 27 people in the world have completed in the ocean.

We have taken inspiration from the Oceans Seven marathon swimming challenge consisting of seven open-water swims. Each swim varies in length – from the Strait of Gibraltar (just 14.4 kilometres) to the 42 kilometres that make up the Moloka’i Channel. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to swim the equivalent laps in our pools during June and July. 

With each completed ocean swim, you go in the draw to win one of three great prizes!

Register to join the competition 

How does the Swim it Up Challenge work?

  • Register via the form in the link above.

  • From 1 June to 31 July, after each swim you will scan a QR code (ask a customer service team member) to record your name and the number of laps you did that day.

  • Our team will be tallying up your laps overall to see how many kilometres you have swum. 

  • Each time you complete an "ocean" – for example, you eventually swim the equivalent of the Catalina Strait – you will then be entered into the prize draw. That means you could have up to seven entries! 

  • Please note: your laps will be counted cumulatively, so you do not need to swim all the kilometres at one time. Entries will be based on smallest to largest ocean.

What are the Prizes?

1st place – One month access to the Aquanation Recovery Zone

2nd place – One free Direct Debit for your membership

3rd place – A retail package including goggles, swim cap and a mesh bag

Your swimming goals

 Channel/Strait  Length  Laps at
 Laps at
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once completed!*
The Strait of Gibraltar 14.4km   576 laps  288 laps   Download here(JPG, 425KB)
 The Tsugaru Strait  19.5km  780 laps  390 laps  Download here(JPG, 400KB)
 The Cook Strait  22.5km  900 laps  450 laps  Download here(JPG, 384KB)
 The Catalina Strait  32.3km  1252 laps  626 laps  Download here(JPG, 436KB)
 The English Channel  33km  1320 laps  660 laps  Download here(JPG, 438KB)
 The North Channel  34.5km  1380 laps  690 laps  Download here(JPG, 456KB)
 The Moloka'i Channel  42km  1680 laps  840 laps  Download here(JPG, 342KB)
 GRAND TOTAL  198.2km  7888 laps  3944 laps


* Use the hashtag #Swimitupmaroondah when you share your swim on socials!

Conditions of Entry

  1. You must be a Maroondah Leisure member with aquatics access and registered to join the Swim it Up Challenge.
  2. You need to swim at least the distance of the smallest ocean (the Strait of Gibraltar – 14.4km) between 1 June and 31 July 2024.

For more information, please read the full terms and conditions.

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