Technogym app

Maroondah Leisure app

The Technogym app is a seamless way for you to take control of your Maroondah Leisure membership, book into your group fitness classes, personal training sessions and health club services.

Please note: From Thursday 18 July, the current Maroondah Leisure app will no longer be supported.

Get the new app

Have the current Maroondah Leisure app? 

Its simple to transition to the new Technogym app. Simply log into the current Maroondah Leisure app, and click the tile to move to the new app. This will guide you through the download of the new Technogym branded app, and log you in using your MyWellness credentials you used for the current Maroondah Leisure app. 

First time user? 

Download the Technogym app and join our facilities, via each of the buttons below. 



Frequently asked questions

What is Technogym Plus?

Please be aware that Technogym Plus is not run by Maroondah Leisure - this is a Technogym product. You can subscribe to Technogym Plus, however this subscription will incur a fee. Technogym Plus is NOT required to use the Technogym app with Maroondah Leisure.


How do I download the new Technogym app?

I have the old Maroondah Leisure app

  • Open the old Maroondah Leisure app.
  • Click on the 'new app' tile. This will take you directly to the app store to download the new Technogym app.
  • After downloading, patience is required while the new app recognises your data and transfers it from the old Maroondah Leisure app.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the setup of the new Technogym app.

I am new to Maroondah Leisure and don't have the app

Click on one of the buttons below. These will take you to download the Technogym app from your App Store and set up and connect with our venues. If you use both Aquanation and Aquahub, go through the process for one venue, then return back here to process the connection with the other. 



How do I book a group fitness class?

  • Select the house icon (Member Hub/Nation Zone).
  • Click on the group fitness tile to open the group fitness timetable.
  • Select the class you would like to book into.
  • Sign into the Perfect Gym client portal to complete the booking.

The new Technogym app has single user single sign on. Once you log into the Perfect Gym client portal to book a group fitness class, you won't need to login again. 

What is Single User Sign On?

When opening a tile or button that you are asked to enter your Perfect Gym username and password for, the Technogym app will keep you logged in after entering this the first time.

How do I book my session if I don't have the new Technogym app?

You can also book online via the group fitness timetables in a browser, or call Aquanation on 9298 4600, Aquahub on 9294 5500 or Croydon Memorial Pool on 9294 5630 during operating hours to book a session or class.

Can I book for more than one person through the app?

No, each person can only have one app account logged in to book sessions for themselves only.

If you have multiple devices, you can create a different app account on each device if you have multiple people, with a different name and different email address for each person. 

How do I book a group fitness class if I require a carer, need to book a group or I am under 16 years?

For family groups, patrons under 16 years and carers, please call Aquahub on 9294 5500, Aquanation 9298 4600 or Croydon Memorial Pool on 9294 5630 during operating hours and book a session. 

How far in advance can I book via the Technogym app?

  • Bookings open 48 hours in advance of the class commencing.
    • Aqua Aerobics and Active Nation classes only: class start times will be scheduled 5 minutes prior to the class starting to allow members to book a future class within the 48 hour advance window before participating in the current class.
  • Bookings close 5 minutes prior to the class starting.

How do I change my booking?

Bookings can be cancelled and rebooked through the app:  

  1. Open the Technogym App.
  2. Select the House (Member Hub/Nation Zone) icon
  3. Click on the group fitness tile to open the group fitness timetable.
  4. Find the session/class you booked.
  5. Click on ‘CANCEL BOOKING’
  6. Click on ‘Confirm Cancellation'*

*If you are a visit pass holder your will be credited a visit and if you are a casual and have paid for the classes you will be credited a class which you can use to book in the future at no cost. Members can book and cancel at will.

If you don’t have access to the Technogym app you can call Aquahub on 9294 5500, Aquanation 9298 4600 or Croydon Memorial Pool on 9294 5630 to cancel your session time. Please ensure all bookings are cancelled at least 30 minutes before the session to allow other members and users to book a space. 

How do I activate push notifications?

When downloading the Technogym app it will ask would you like to receive push notifications.
If you change your mind and would like to update the settings go to your profile icon in the top right of the screen, go to 'settings' and then 'notifications' and you can then turn them on or off.
Please keep in mind these will not change a confirmation of booking email for group fitness.

How do I change or re-set my password in the app?

You cannot change or reset your password in the Technogym app. 

Head to the My Wellness website in a browser, and select 'forgot password'.

I am in the app, but I can’t login to Perfect Gym and I need to update my password.

View our how-to guide on updating your password in Perfect Gym