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The Rings

Stadium programs

At both The Rings and Maroondah Nets, there's a great range of holiday programs to suit children from 5 to 14 years.

They're a fun-filled way to keep your child active, entertained and socialised during the school holidays - no matter what the weather. 

 Program Age  Location  Description 


5 - 12 years    The Rings Your child will stay active and learn some awesome basketball moves.
Multi-sports  5 - 12 years  The Rings  A unique opportunity to experience four different sports in one day.
Soccer    5 - 12 years    The Rings   Your child will improve their soccer skills and knowledge.  
Netball   5 - 12 years  Maroondah Nets An opportunity for your child to develop skills with high level coaches.  
Volleyball   7 - 14 years  Maroondah Nets Offers instruction and training in all aspects of volleyball.
Tennis   5 - 12 years  Maroondah Nets  An opportunity for your child to develop skills with lead coach Ben Longridge. 

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