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Dorset Golf

Each of our venues have individual opening hours. Select the venue below to view opening hours.

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  • For all Maroondah Leisure contact details go to our Contact Us page.
  • For general enquiries please contact Maroondah Leisure on 9298 4603.

Venue opening hours

Venue Opening hours Contact

See opening hours 

9294 5500 

See opening hours

9298 4600 
Dorset Golf See opening hours Golf shop and bookings: 9294 5555
Administration: 9294 5556 
Ringwood Golf See opening hours Golf shop and bookings: 9298 4500
Administration: 9298 4519
The Rings See opening hours 9298 4487
Maroondah Nets See opening hours 9298 4535
Croydon Memorial Pool
See opening hours  9294 5630