Membership suspension

Suspend your program membership - Gymnastics or Learn to Swim

All program members are entitled to 4 weeks suspension per calendar year.  

  • Your membership entitles you to four (4) weeks suspension per calendar year.

  • A program suspension request form must be submitted a minimum of three (3) business days prior to a direct debit date to be processed for the next debiting period.

  • All medical suspensions require a medical certificate within seven (7) days of your suspended class. You can suspend for a maximum of six (6) weeks for a medical suspension. Suspensions for medical reasons will not be processed without a medical certificate.

  • If you choose to suspend your membership your access to the facilities will also be suspended. 

Suspend Gymnastics or Learn to Swim program

Suspend your Maroondah Leisure membership

You can suspend your membership at any time. Suspensions must be for a minimum of two weeks. Suspension is free for eight weeks per year, after which regular membership costs will resume unless a medical certificate is provided.

You can suspend your Maroondah Leisure membership online:

Suspend Maroondah Leisure membership

Update your personal and banking details

Please contact the member care team on 9298 4603 to update your personal and banking details.

Membership terms and conditions

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