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What is Wellness Plus?

Wellness Plus is Maroondah Leisure's newest membership type. The Wellness Plus membership gives you all the benefits of a Fitness Plus membership, and is the only membership that gives you access to Reformer Pilates at Aquahub and Aquanation, and the Recovery Zone at Aquanation. 

Wellness Plus benefits

  • Exclusive access to Reformer Pilates at Aquahub and Aquanation.
  • Access to the Recovery Zone at Aquanation.
  • Access to gym, group fitness, lap pool, leisure pool, warm water pool, Active Adults classes, spa, sauna and steam room (where applicable) at Aquahub, Aquanation and Croydon Memorial Pool (seasonal).
  • Please note: membership does not include swimming lessons.
  • Please note: waterslide access is not included, however members are eligible for a discounted rate. 

There are a limited number of Wellness Plus memberships available, so get in quick before places are filled!

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Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is the newest group fitness offering at Aquahub and Aquanation – available exclusively to Wellness Plus members only. Book in via the Maroondah Leisure app or the online portal to join in a Reformer Pilates class. Bookings open 48 hours before the class start time. 

View the Reformer Pilates timetable at Aquahub

View the Reformer Pilates timetable at Aquanation

Frequently asked questions

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates, created by Joseph Pilates, involves using a bed-like frame with weighted spring combinations to provide resistance as you move back and forth. This allows for the targeting of small muscle groups, leading to longer and leaner muscles. The machine also allows for a greater variety of movements and exercises compared to mat Pilates.

Reformer Pilates classes typically involve a range of exercises, using positions such as laying down, sitting, and standing on the machine, as well as pushing the foot bar and pulling the straps. The movements are slow and controlled, engaging the entire body to improve muscle tone, strength, and posture. Smaller muscle groups are isolated, and deep core stabilizer muscles are recruited.

Do I need any special equipment?

Yes, grip socks are required. These socks can be purchased at Aquahub or Aquanation for $18 or you can bring your own.

What do I need to know for my first class?

  • Please arrive 5-mins early to class
  • Please wear yoga (grip) socks
  • Please bring a towel
  • Please bring a drink bottle
  • Please ensure you are booked in via the Maroondah Leisure app or Client Portal

How long does a Reformer Pilates class go for?

Reformer Pilates classes run for 45 minutes.

Is there an age limit for the Reformer Pilates classes?

Reformer Pilates is available for people 16 years and over, as the Wellness Plus membership is not available to family or teen members.

Are there different levels of classes like beginner, intermediate, advanced?

Each class caters for all fitness levels, as the springs can be adjusted to meet individual needs. Each Reformer Pilates instructor will complete their own choreography (routine) based on their skills and experience.
Reformer Pilates is a low-impact workout that can be a great starting point for those new to exercise or a complementary addition to an existing routine.

Can I attend if I have never completed a Reformer Pilates class before?

Yes, you can attend whether you are a complete beginner or advanced Reformer Pilates participant.

Can I pay per class or purchase a visit pass for Reformer Pilates?

No, as places are limited. Reformer Pilates is available only to Wellness Plus members

What membership type includes Reformer Pilates?

Members on Wellness Plus have access to Reformer Pilates.

If you are on any other membership type including Lifestyle, Fitness Plus, Swim Plus or Golf, please speak to us about upgrading your membership.

Alternatives to Reformer Pilates include yoga, Pilates and BodyBalance classes which are available for casuals and members (excluding golf and swim plus).


Recovery Zone

The recovery zone is a place for you to recover after your workout, equipped with full body massage chairs, Normatec 3 recovery boots and Power Plate Pulse massage guns. 

What is the Recovery Zone?

The Recovery Zone is a place for you to warm up or recover after your workout, equipped with full body massage chairs, Normatec 3 recovery boots and Power Plate Pulse massage guns.

Do i need to book to use the Recovery Zone?

No, bookings are not required to use the Recovery Zone at Aquanation. 

Wellness Plus members can access the Recovery Zone at any time and as many times as you wish during the opening hours

How long can I be in the Recovery Zone?

The Full body massage chairs are set to an eight (8) minute cycle so it is suggested that all participants start with one cycle initially.

The ideal setting duration for the Normatec Recovery boots is 15 minutes and can be used before or after exercising.

The massage gun can be used on most muscle groups. By spending 30 seconds on each muscle group, the ideal length of time to use the Power Plate Pulse massage gun is 10-15 minutes. Do not use the massage gun on bone or on your spine. 

Is there an age limit for the Recovery Zone?

The minimum age to access the Recovery Zone is 16.

What membership type includes Recovery Zone access?

The Wellness Plus membership is the only membership to have access to the Recovery Zone. Casuals and other membership types will not be able to access.

Recovery Zone terms and conditions

Use of the Recovery Zone is subject to the below terms and conditions. 

  • The access fob is for designated member and not to be shared
  • No food or liquids in the Recovery Zone
  • Ensure that you are clothed, dry, clean, and not sweating
  • Remove shoes before entering the room and wear socks at all times
  • Remove any large watches or bracelets
  • Use the Normatec boots for 15-mins only
  • Do not use the equipment if you are pregnant, suffering high blood pressure, heart conditions, spinal injuries, or other medical conditions
  • Wipe down equipment with wipes after use
  • Return equipment to its original position/location
  • The minimum age for access is 16 years old
  • If you feel unwell stop using equipment immediately

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