Active adults - for older adults

Active adults

At Aquahub and Aquanation, we have classes and gym programs tailored for older adults that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals in a fun, social environment.

With strength training and social exercise groups on offer, our tailored gym programs can help you regain, improve and maintain muscle strength, preserve bone density, and improve balance, flexibility and coordination.

Program features and benefits

  • Exercise and fitness sessions that are designed to improve your strength, balance, flexibility and energy levels whilst having fun and socialising.

  • Fitness professionals with extensive training and experience that can tailor programs to meet your needs and goals.

  • Specialist instructors to supervise you during your Active Adults gym session.

  • Know you are participating in a safe, enjoyable and friendly environment.

  • A variety of different gym programs across different facilities that will suit your lifestyle. 

How it works 

1. Start with an assessment and tailored program

You will have an assessment and personalised gym program created when you start:

  • Cost $45
  • Free for members
  • Required for those attending Active gym sessions, optional for those attending Active group classes

2. Attend an Active gym session or group class

Active Gym session*
(Aquahub only)

Monday to Friday any time between 10am and 12 midday.

Dedicated sessions in the gym where you can complete your tailored program and work out under the supervision of specialised Active Adult instructors.

Active Nation*
(Aquanation only)

This circuit style class includes a combination of strength, mobility, core and joint stability exercises in a small group setting
Active Strength This low-impact, slower paced workout will give you all-over body strength using barbells and weights. Everybody can work at their own pace, suitable for beginners and older adults. 
Active Stability* A combination of strength, core, stability and co-ordination using a variety of equipment in a group fitness class
Active Mat* Focusing on flexibility, strength and endurance, emphasising proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

*Class or gym session is ideal for beginners or those with pre-existing injuries

See class days and times

To see what's available, look for Active Adults sessions in our online timetables.

Group fitness timetable Aquahub Group fitness timetable Aquanation 


We have a variety of access and payment options, including:

Casual visit

$7.80 per Active Adults session only

All Active gym or Active adult sessions need to be booked via the Maroondah Leisure app or portal up to 48-hours in advance and paid for at time of booking.

10 session pass

$70.20 Active Adults session only

  • Buy 9 visits, get one free
  • All Active gym or Active adult sessions need to be booked via the Maroondah Leisure app or portal (up to 48-hours in advance) and your visit will be deducted at time of booking.


Our Fitness Plus and Lifestyle memberships include access to Active Adults.

 Off Peak membership  

Our Fitness Plus – Off peak membership offers:

  • Aqua aerobics
  • Swim, spa, sauna 
  • Extended gym access

$32.40 per fortnight

Includes full access to Maroondah Leisure facilities during off peak times plus access to all Active Adults programs at Aquahub and Aquanation.

All Active gym or Active adult sessions need to be booked via the Maroondah Leisure app or portal up to 48-hours in advance

View our Membership options to get started or visit the Customer Service desk.