Facility hire and events

Looking for a venue to host your next event? Our fitness and pool facilities are available for hire to individuals and groups: 

  • Lane hire (50m or 25m)
  • Pool hire (50m or 25m)
  • Learn-to-swim pool hire
  • Warm water pool hire
  • Dive pool hire
  • Room hire (group fitness rooms or child care)

Aquanation facilities for hire include the following:

  • 50m pool with two adjustable booms and seating for spectators
  • State-of-the art diving pool
  • Warm water pool
  • Learn-to-swim pool 
  • Large split-level health club, with mezzanine area, group fitness studio, mind and body studio and a cycle studio.

There is also a separate change area (and entry/exit) for large groups.

Discounted entry is available to access the pool for groups of ten or more people. 1.5hr activity sessions are also available for end-of-season breakups, excursion activities or other celebrations.

What you can hire a space for:

  • Carnivals
  • Group fitness classes
  • Break up sessions
  • Seminars

Tailor it to suit you! Room set up and pack down is available.

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