Group fitness class descriptions

Group fitness classes are the perfect way to maintain your health and fitness. Our qualified and motivating industry leaders run a wide variety of classes including Les Mills, yoga and boxing. Choose a class and have some fun!

Les Mills classes

BODYPUMP  The original weights class that builds strength, tones your body, and pushes you to the limit every time.  
BODYATTACK  The full-on, high-energy cardio workout to energizing tunes.
A Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates inspired workout that leaves you long, strong, and centered.
Les Mills TONE  Low-moderate impact, total body workout. Get your core working harder, for a leaner, stronger you.
Les Mills CORE  Personal training-inspired workout to build and maintain a superior functioning core.
RPM  High intensity interval training set to tunes that will get your pulse racing. Get results faster.
Quick and hard style of cycle training returns rapid results with zero joint impact.
SHBAM   Cut loose to the hottest new workout with fun moves and shakin’ tunes.

Freestyle programs

Zumba This Latin inspired, easy to follow, dance fitness party exhilarates the senses and works all major muscles groups in a high energy cardio blast.     
METAFIT  A 30-minute workout combining traditional bodyweight exercise with the latest HIIT training techniques to set your metabolism on fire!
METAPWR  MetaPWR is a unique 30-minute metabolic workout which combines resistance training and bodyweight exercises. 
Bootcamp A high intensity workout that combines outdoor training, functional movement, interval and resistance training. Full body workout that will increase your heart rate and tone up muscles. 
Boxing A mixture of boxing combinations, cardio drills and strength training. Suitable for all levels of fitness, you will feel the full effects of this upper and lower body workout in no time! 

Cycle programs

Cycle Calorie crushing interval training using a stationary bike to improve strength and fitness.
Group Cycle Connect A high intensity cycle class using high definition forward-motion video projection this non-impact, intensity variable workout will push your limits.
RPM High intensity interval training set to tunes that will get your pulse racing. Get results faster.
SPRINT Quick and hard style of cycle training returns rapid results with zero joint impact.

Aqua programs

Warm Water Aqua A fun filled Aqua class using the power of warm water to improve mobility and movement. Suitable for those with chronic illness and injury.
Shallow Water Aqua Shallow Water is a high energy, low impact water-based class enabling a huge cardiovascular and strength training experience. Every class will provide something new, so you never get the same work out twice.
Deep Water Aqua A high intensity aqua class in deep water designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and core strength with exercises such as deep water running using buoyancy belts.
Age Friendly Warm Water This 45-minute low-impact warm water Aqua class is designed for the over 45+ years of age participants of differing skill levels.
Aqua Fusion Using the power of heat to improve your movement this fun-filled aqua aerobics class is perfect for anyone with conditions such as arthritis, back pain or joint problems. Designed to help you get active and stay active.

Mind/Body programs

Yoga Designed to enhance vitality and a sense of wellbeing, this class draws on various types of yoga. Improving strength and flexibility; the ultimate in stretch and relaxation.
Pilates Build a strong foundation of core stability that improves your balance, flexibility, posture and strengthens your core muscles. Train the body as an integrated whole creating an optimal muscle balance.
Mindful Meditation A restorative, contemplative practice that will allow participants to develop a clear, focused mind and a healthy balance in their lives\.
Restore Yoga A gentle class that is about slowing down your body through passive stretching using props to support your body and allow the muscles to relax deeply.

'Active' programs

Active Nation

This circuit style class includes a combination of strength, mobility, core and joint stability exercises in a small group setting.

Active Gym Dedicated sessions in the gym where you can complete your tailored program and work out under the supervision of specialised Active Adult instructors.
Active Strength This low-impact, slower paced workout will give you all-over body strength using barbells and weights. Everybody can work at their own pace, suitable for beginners and older adults.
Active Freestyle A gentle, moderate, fun filled aerobic workout using a variety of routines to some of your all-time favourite songs.
Active Stability A combination of seated cardiovascular, strength and core exercises in a group fitness class.
Active Barre Gently lengthen, strengthen and tone your whole-body using equipment including hand weights, Pilates ball, TheraBand, and the barre around the edge of the studio.
Active Mat Focusing on flexibility, strength and endurance, emphasising proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance

Group fitness timetables and booking

See timetables for Aquahub, Aquanation and Croydon Memorial Pool and book online:

Group fitness and timetables

Some classes are also available as virtual classes where a virtual instructor is shown via a projection onto a wall or a screen in the group fitness studio or cycle studio. 

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