Virtual Group Fitness FAQs

Virtual group fitness classes are conducted with a virtual instructor played via a projection onto a wall or a screen in the group fitness studio or cycle studio. 

Fees for virtual classes

  • Members: Participation is free
  • Non-members: Special casual fees apply for virtual classes. 


When are classes on?

Our current offering is outlined our group fitness timetable. These classes and times are subject to change at any time. 

How do I book into a class?

Class tickets are available from the Customer Service desk or from our self service group fitness kiosk. All participants must have a valid group fitness ticket before entering the studio (casual participants please see Customer Service).

What should I bring with me to a class?

A gym towel, drink bottle, valid class ticket and plenty of energy.

What happens when I get into the studio?

Place your ticket into the box marked virtual class tickets and set up equipment if required depending on the class type. Before participating in a class, please ensure you are familiar with the air conditioning and fan switches, exit points, location of the duress alarm and emergency procedures. 

Can I participate in a virtual class if I have never done a live class?

Yes, you can participate in a virtual class if you have never participated in a live class.

If you have never participated in BODYPUMP or CXWORX before, please watch the instructional videos on the group fitness timetable screen.

A virtual instructor will provide all the instructions you need to participate in the session. 

What equipment is needed to participate?

All the equipment is in the group fitness studio - in the room itself or the equipment storage cupboards.

These classes require the following equipment: 

  • BODYPUMP - Les Mills Bar, assorted weight plates, Les Mills step, 4x risers and a mat.
  • CXWORX - Les Mills band or resistance tube, assorted weight plates and a mat.
  • LES MILLS BARRE - Lightweight plates and a mat.
  • BODYBALANCE - A mat.
  • SH'BAM - No equipment needed. 

Is participant safety monitored?

Aquahub group fitness studios are equipped with CCTV for security and peace of mind. If you need urgent assistance while using a studio, please press the duress alarm button located next to the studio door. 

Can I come into a class once it has started?

We recommend arriving at least five minutes before the commencement of a class to allow time to set up, view the pre-class safety information and participate in the warm up.

Please avoid disrupting classes in progress. 

Can I adjust the fans or the air conditioning during a virtual class?

Signage outlining operating instructions for air conditioning and fan use during virtual classes are located in the studio.

Please consider the other participants before making any adjustments. If you switch on the studio air conditioning or fans, please switch them off after your class. 

Can I offer virtual class feedback?

We welcome feedback about virtual classes on our timetable. Please speak to a staff member or complete a customer service feedback form  online or at Customer Service. 

Aquahub feedback form

Do I need to do anything after the workout?

Please put away any equipment you have used and clean your workout station. Please leave the studio promptly as another class may be starting directly after the class you've participated in.

What age groups can access virtual classes?

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to participate, and children aged between 12 and 15 years must be accompanied under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

What do I do if a virtual class doesn't start?

If your virtual group fitness session doesn't start, please let Customer Service know.  



Do you have further questions?

Please speak to Aquahub's Customer Service