Pools and aquatic facilities

Aquahub has swimming and water play options for everyone. 

  • 8-lane, 25-metre indoor pool – perfect for lap swimming and general leisure.
  • Leisure pool with a children’s aquatic playground. 
  • Warm water pool
  • Spa and sauna

25m indoor pool

Aquahub 25m pool

Our 25 metre pool is perfect for lap and recreational swimming, with slow, medium and fast lanes and recreational lanes available for free play.

Public access to the 25m pool is limited during particular program times.

The pool's online lane availability is regularly updated

25 metre lap pool

Lap lane etiquette

  • Always swim to the left, to allow others to pass
  • Always enter the water feet first
  • Always start, turn and stop at the wall
  • Be aware of the lap lane speeds and swim in an appropriate lane
  • Be mindful of other swimmers sharing your lane
  • Please follow Aquahub staff direction – if asked to move to another lane, please do not be offended
  • Return equipment to its storage area
  • Select a lane based on your ability and the stroke you intend to swim

Leisure pool and aquatic playground

Aquahub aquatic playgound

With warmer water and shallower depths, this pool is great for recreational swimming. Children and adults can learn to swim in our easy to access leisure pool. 

Aquahub's leisure pool playground is great fun too. With a beach style entry and interactive water features, it will keep the kids happily entertained for hours.

This pool also hosts our Aquatic playgroup.

Warm water pool

Aquahub's warm water pool is the perfect place to unwind and relax. It's also ideal for post-injury or post-workout recovery through hydrotherapy treatment.

  • Public access to the warm water program pool is limited during particular program times. See the pool's availability:
     Warm water pool
  • Patrons must be 16 years or older to access the warm water pool, with exception of those part of scheduled aquatic education class or who have provided a letter from a medical practitioner. 

Spa and sauna

Aquahub’s public spa and sauna area is the perfect reward for your body. Relax in our spa and sauna and feel revitalised after a workout, or just treat yourself to some relaxation. 

The spa provides maximum invigoration and can seat up to 10 adults. Those requiring ramp access can enjoy the spa zone, accessible via the warm water pool.

Take the opportunity to visit our sauna. The warm heat will help relax muscles plus soothe aches and pains. 

Watch Around Water policy

  • Children under the age of five must be within arm’s reach of a responsible adult at all times while in the centre
  • Children under the age of ten must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible adult and actively supervised at all times (within line of sight)
  • All unsupervised children will be removed from the water

Learn more about our Watch Around Water policy 

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